"Who am I without you and your love?"
— Eight word story (22)

Focus on one thing at a time. I don’t care if you are bomb at multitasking. I don’t care if you have a main bitch, and a bunch of side hoes. (I do care you pathetic asshole what are you doing with your life.) I don’t care if you think you can handle everything at once. Just listen to me. People are much more appreciative of people who take time into doing one thing rather than doing one thing for a second, than starting another thing the next. Take your time.

There is something more in this world. More than the eye can see. I’m searching for it. But I don’t know what. I’m not searching for the purpose of life, nor how or why it was created. I’ll leave that up to God. I’m searching for something or someone that can remind me why I love the sounds of laughter early in the morning. And how the leaves change from green to yellow, orange, & red. And how the birds sing to each other as if performing the ballad of their souls. I want to understand why the dew drops in the morning sparkle as the sun rises, yet disappears only to reappear the next morning. Why the smile of a newborn still imprints on my mind although it only happens in the duration of a split second. I find it fascinating that us humans are capable to feel, to think, and to know, yet we often forget to remember the little things. This is the reason I envy other animals. They get to only understand what they need instead of being consumed by the thoughts of their desires. I don’t want to be controlled by what I want. I will to be someone who only knows what they need. Then give others what they need. Whether it is something tangible as money, clothes, and food or abstract concepts such as love, respect, and hope. I want to give rather than receive. For I am not worthy.

"I’m on my knees begging for you only."
— Eight word story (21)

I don’t want to become too attached. I’ve seen what it does to people. It makes them into someone they never imagined themselves being. I see people’s personalities deteriorate because of one person. One person should not be able to do such a thing. To be able to put another one down and force them to change or handle it. To be able to control a person’s actions and thoughts. To be able to manipulate the feelings of the other party. Its not right. Its down right disgusting. I don’t want to become the person that is on a leash, tagging along, waiting until that person changes their mind. No. I will not succumb to that. And you can sure as hell bet that I won’t be THAT person either. Undignified fucker.

"Truth be told: You were my favorite mistake."
— Eight word story (20)

Someone once told me about rose colored sunglasses and how they distort everything you see. Its sort of like when you’re in love and all you see is the good, blinded by happiness you never knew existed. You ignore all the bad and troubling signs because, at the time, it didn’t matter. But all those little things added up. So maybe it’s time to take off those sunglasses and see things the way they are.

"Gave you my all, but it wasn’t enough."
— Eight word story (19)

Staying up late and letting your thoughts roam is equivalent to emotional suicide.

I finally have date ideas, but only now, I’m single like a Pringle.